European Fund Selector Forum, Davos, Jan 2014

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Keynote Speaker - Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, was our keynote speaker this year. Hailed as one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people and distinguished media doctor, academic, statistician and presenter, Hans gave an insight into how demographic change impacts global economics.

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UK Investment conference, Oct 2013

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Investing in different tomorrows

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has hinted at an exit strategy for money printing. Investors have been forced to ask whether the world is ready for central bank cold turkey and their answer, initially at least, appears to be a resounding no, marking a halt to the steady rise in risk assets.

The frantic search for income continues and moves ever further afield into new territories. This adventure is not purely geographic and it is leading investors to consider alternatives to the traditional income producing asset classes. With no obvious route map, we ask and answer how investors may effectively anticipate risk and where can they find quality investments in the race for yield generating assets.

We gathered some great speakers and opinion leaders to share their views.

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Keynote Speaker: Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini is the co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics. He is also a professor of economics at New York University's Stern School of Business. From 1998 to 2000, he served as the senior economist for international affairs on the White House Council of Economic Advisors and then the senior advisor to the undersecretary for international affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department. Dr. Roubini received an undergraduate degree at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and a doctorate in economics at Harvard University.


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