Investment Fraud - protect yourself

Aberdeen Asset is from time to time made aware of scams that can affect investors and in worst case scenarios may lead to individuals, who may or may not be investors, losing money.

Some instances have involved clients being approached by fraudsters to invest in funds that do not exist. Information on all our publicly available funds can be found on our website. If you are approached or provided details of a fund in which you are asked to invest, please check the website to ensure it is a legitimate fund. If you cannot find it, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate the matter.

Specifically, we have been recently warned of a fraudulent fund called the Aberdeen Asset Management Integrated Bullion Fund. This is not a genuine Aberdeen fund. Individuals have been contacted initially by email which has provided fraudulent fund information and an application form. A phone number is also provided. On no account should you call this number. If you receive such an approach, please let us know immediately.

We do not 'cold call' investors so any call you receive from someone asking for your investment or personal information is not a legitimate call from Aberdeen.

Always keep your investor information secure and safe and if you feel your security has been compromised, please contact us immediately using your local customer services contact details.

If you feel you have any concerns regarding a potential fraud or the security of your investment, please contact us immediately at